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The Power of Influence

What has influence your change of faith? Who has bewitched you that should not obey the truth(Gal. 3:1). Who has influence you, was it a person, a thing, or a substance?

Words from Pastor Kevin Meadows

These are three major things that really influence our life every day, so we have to be very careful that we pay close attention to what going on inside and outside of us, to make us start doubting God's Word. We cannot do this by ourselves, that’s why every believer needs the Holy Spirit. If you are starting to feel powerless and distance from Jesus, you need to really start checking and seeing what has influence in your life.

If the enemy is trying to get you to doubt the truth, he has the hook halfway in your flesh. Remember, he takes every opportunity to throw you off the path that God has predestined you for! That’s why I tell you never give up on the truth (word) of God! It only works by faith. Follow by the spirit not because they look like you.

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