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Today Matters

Written by Tiannah H.

As I read through this book(Today Matters by John C Maxwell), I realized that it focuses on the three things we are focusing on as a church: commitment, mindset, and attitude. This book has encouraged me to not only be more intentional about my commitment to the church, but also regarding personal things.

Maxwell has inspired me to invest into my mindset and has made it very clear that it is something you should work on everyday, as it can easily revert back to its old ways.

Having a positive attitude is not just something that is mentioned in the world, but also in the Bible. John Maxwell points that out in some scriptures in his book and I have made an effort to memorize those scriptures to help me live those ways out daily. Maxwell has reminded me that God cares that his children have integrity and compassion for others, as he does for us.

This book has opened up new ideas to me: to take time to think; reflect on the day and if values were met; invest in personal growth. Investing in personal growth was the biggest thing that stood out to me because I had never heard of it before and I can honestly say, I don’t ever recall seeing it displayed that much by my family growing up. I have seen my family pursue education to further enhance their careers, but I have never seen them intentionally do something to better themselves as a person. I find that as a Christian, this will be a lifelong commitment and I am thankful that this was revealed to me. I could honestly go on about each individual thing mentioned in this novel, but I thought it best if I just summarized


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