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Are you doing things that has been done so long in your life and church, that you can’t identify what is the good news? Don’t get me wrong denomination do some great things, but when we conform to just what the denomination is saying and the bylaws, we can waiver from what the gospel means to our lives. You have to realize conformity works on the outside so you can look like a Christian, but when you have freedom in Christ it starts on the inside and it shows that you are a Christian I am not knocking foundation through systems but the right system makes a great difference in individual lives when they are really looking for Christ.

The Scriptures tell us don’t be conform to this world, but sometimes we have to really realize that don’t mean that the world cannot slip into the church (body), we begin to act like the world. That is why we need to be transformed from the inside out so we do not be deceived as we gather together for fellowship, so you should not stop going to church, you should just begin to ask the right questions and learn how to worship God in spirit and truth


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