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Words by Alexandria Meadows

Faith is not something we can see but something that comes by believing in our heart that God will get keep his promises. Yes i know it sounds so easy right ?? Sometimes our faith is shaken by life events, our confidence , our insecurities , and our influence. When all these things take place, it is hard for us keep our faith in our loving father. We lose sight of all that he is to us and how much he does care and love us. One thing we all know is that in these times, life doesn't stop so why will we let all these things stop our faith?

Faith is something that we can hold on to that nobody can every steal from us. When you believe in something, you have made it your identity. You live everyday believing it should come to past even when things don’t feel or look like it at that moment . That what this walk with Christ is all about. We can never stop believing that our loving father has left us because he is right there with us in good or bad times of our life . So pick your head up my brother and sister, know that our loving father is right here with us carrying us though this difficult time.


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