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Just Raise your Hand!

Judging Other (James 4:11-12)

Paying attention to the little things we do that are big with God! That’s why we know God is paying attention to actions and ways of his children. If you understand that God see you, just raise your hands and repentance. God hates all sin, but there are a few sins that are constantly and strongly condemned by Scripture. Judging others condemning, criticizing, backbiting, gossiping, speaking evil, and talking about others is one of the sins that Scripture never lets up on.

The gifted!

Temptations and trials: Common to all, but especially the gifted.

There is a strong tendency....

*for the good person to judge and criticize the bad person.                                                    *for the gifted person to judge and criticize the less gifted.                                                   *for the wealthy person to judge and criticize the poor.                                                        *for the energetic person to judge and criticize the less energetic judge and criticize others as well. The point to remember, however, is this, scripture constantly and strongly condemns judging and criticizing others.


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