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The Only Plan

Message from Alexandria Meadows

Sometimes in life we get so motivated by our accomplishments, that we forget about the one who made the plan, blessed the plan and gave us the strength to bring plan to life. Our accomplishments are worthless without God. That's why we must speak to God before we move forward with any plan to make sure it’s his will for our life. Trust me, I totally understand that it's easy to get lost in your excitement, joy and growth, but we have to humble ourselves knowing without God, we would not find these moments in our life.

It's easy to Ignore God's will when everything you planned for your life works out perfectly, but have you stopped and asked yourself," Have I become my own God in my life?". Which most of us have because we believe we know what's best for our life more than God because of our accomplishments and materialistic possessions. Please stop now seek God's will because nothing without God will last. God loves you unconditionally and wants nothing but best of best for you so seek his will, live a life of love and be in the right relationship with God .


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